Mad Scientist Cake Smash

Mad Scientist Cake Smash

Cake smash sessions are so much fun, for so many reasons.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of it for me is the design process. I love watching my client’s ideas come to life.
I was so excited when MJ’s mama asked to create a mad scientist cake smash to celebrate his first birthday!
This set definitely required a lot of creativity, and it was so much fun to create!

When designing a cake smash session, it’s all about the details. Finding the right props and accessories is so important!
I love this little scientist outfit. MJ wore these adorable “nerd” glasses for the ENTIRE session like a pro! This adorable lab coat from Little Miss Atasha was perfect to complete the look!

Mama wanted some space elements to be incorporated into the design. I went with a galaxy backdrop and added in the telescope and aliens to bring space into the science lab!
Beakers, a microscope and lab rats are some of my favorite items in this design.
I found some periodic table images on Etsy to create these clever ONE signs/cake topper to bring it all together!

MJ is so cute, and we had so much fun during his mad scientist cake smash session.

This adorable and delicious cake was custom designed to match our set by Lady Di’s Cake House.

Mad Scientist Cake Smash Photo Shoot

MJ had a great time smashing, eating and crawling over his cake. This is the second best part of the sessions for me!
It’s so fun to watch them make a mess!

Mad Scientist First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot

I always love a good shot of some baby toes in a cake!

Time to get clean!

The best part about a cake smash session with us is that you don’t have to clean up when it’s done!
Every baby gets to take a quick dip in our adorable clawfoot tub we have in the studio for our cake smashers. This serves as double duty :
We get some (more!) adorable smiles and sometimes even some great splashes at the end – and you get to take home a clean baby!


If you are a photographer and looking to create an adorable set just like this, I can help!
The girls at Intuition Backdrops have added our mad scientist cake smash set as a background available on their website in the Lynn Puzzo Collection! This adorable design is Outta This World! 


Booking your baby’s cake smash session.

I would love to chat with you about booking and designing a cake smash session for your sweet little one.
Do you have a design in mind? I can make anything you can think of come to life!
Not sure yet? You can visit our cake smash gallery page to see some of the fun designs I have done in the past to get some ideas.
Still unsure? You can leave it up to me, and I can create something we unique just for you!
Visit our cake smash information page to get more details about our sessions – or send us your info and we can chat about your theme!