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Meet Lynn

Recently I was asked WHY I do what I do. The answer came quickly and flowed easily. The simple answer is LOVE. I love babies, I love pregnancy, I love photography and I love creating a gift for YOU to love forever. And, I promise, you will love it forever. The gorgeous glow of pregnancy. The hiccups, kicks, stretches and rolls. Picture perfect memories of that precious new life. Priceless memories of your baby reaching all of their milestones, one by one. The excitement of their first birthday. You won’t look back at these portraits and see heartburn, bladder kicks, swollen feet, random aches and pains, you won’t see sleepless nights, dirty diapers, teething or colic. You will remember smiling at your baby’s first kick of the morning,  your brand new baby warmly snuggled on your chest for hours, that intoxicatingly sweet newborn smell. Those tiny fingers and toes that you counted, and counted again for good measure. Watching your baby sleep through tear filled eyes, with a pride filled heart that couldn’t possibly love this little person any more than you do right now – until you do. The first time that baby looks at you and smiles. All the hours you logged doing whatever it takes just to hear the sweet sounds of baby giggles filling your home – and your heart. Those delicious chunky baby rolls that you have already said more than once you’d love to take a bite out of. (Everyone knows exactly what you mean, too.)
You will see, you will feel, and you will remember love. There will be no regrets. Guaranteed.

When I’m not photographing your beautiful bumps, loving on and snuggling with YOUR sweet babies, I love being with my husband, family and our own babies – who have grown into teenagers and adults far too fast for this mama’s heart. Nothing is better than being with the ones you love the most.

Aside from that, here are a few of my favorite things : my sweet husband, our chaotic blended house full of amazing kids, live concerts, basically anything caramel flavored from Starbucks, Disney, rose gold everything, anything that is pink and/or glittery, country music, driving, adorable puppies, hugs, warm sunny days, amazing sunsets, pristine beaches, the incredibly beautiful full moon – and, of course, everything about pregnancy & babies.