Jungle Cake Smash | Senai

Jungle Cake Smash

The Jungle Cake Smash has been a super popular theme for 2022! This was the #1 most requested theme for cake smashers! Also called Wild One Cake Smash or a Safari Cake Smash!
It is a super cute and super fun theme to design – and definitely a challenge to make them different every time!
No matter how many times we do a specific theme, we always make it look different from the other sessions with the same theme! So no two babies will have identical sets!

Sweet little Senai was slightly apprehensive about the Jungle Cake Smash his mama was so excited about – as many babies are! There are a lot of factors that contribute to babies being leery of a photo shoot at this age!
First and foremost is stranger danger! About the time you’ll be scheduling your cake smash session for typically is right about the time that stranger danger sets in with babies! It’s totally normal for babies to be a little nervous – and more often than not, a few tears are shed!
No worries – we only book one cake smash per day – so we will have plenty of time to allow for your sweet little one to acclimate to the studio and us – and the cake – so we can get those awesome shots!

As you can see, Senai’s apprehension didnt last for very long at all, and we were definitely able to get the cutest shots of him for his very first birthday!

Booking Update :


We are currently scheduling cake smash sessions for babies with birthdays through August 2023!
Our sessions are limited per month – and we do sell out often. We recommend photographing your baby between 10 and 11 months of age, and at least 2-3 weeks before you would like to have your images in hand. Sessions should be scheduled at least 3-6 weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for designing the set and planning for the session!  We can recreate any theme you may have seen on our website or socials – and any you can think of that we haven’t done yet! If you don’t have anythings specific in mind, we can brainstorm together to come up with the perfect theme for your baby!
Contact us today for more details!


Adorable Smash Cakes provided by Diana of Lady Di’s Cake House!