Advantages of a full service photographer for your maternity session.

Let’s talk about the advantages of hiring a full service photographer for your maternity session!

A full service maternity photographer possesses the ability to perfectly encapsulate the beauty and anticipation of one of life’s most precious and exciting moments: the journey of motherhood.
As your favorite Atlanta master maternity photographer, we specialize in the full service experience and understand the ingredients required to deliver a collection of stunning images that will be treasured for a lifetime. Let’s take a moment to discuss why it’s crucial to hire a full service photographer and highlight some of the benefits that come with entrusting your maternity portrait experience to a true professional.

full service photographer

With the rise of smartphones, AI and easily accessible photography tools, it’s becoming increasingly common for individuals to take a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to capturing life’s most precious moments. However, hiring an experienced maternity photographer provides numerous advantages that simply cannot be replicated by amateur or DIY efforts. A professional photographer boasts extensive knowledge in lighting, posing, and post- production techniques that will ensure your maternity images possess a level of artistic excellence unmatched by casual photography attempts.

Moreover, a full service maternity photographer takes the burden of organization and planning off your shoulders from the initial consultation to the finished product. From scouting the perfect location to providing expert guidance on wardrobe choices and styling, you can trust us to manage all aspects of the experience while you focus on the unparalleled joy of expecting your sweet little one. Ultimately, opting for a full service photographer ensures your maternity experience is immortalized in the most authentic, beautiful, and memorable way possible.

Another significant benefit of hiring a full service photographer is the personalized service provided. A full service photography studio will take the time to get to know you and your family, ensuring that your preferences and ideas are incorporated into the final images. This collaborative approach guarantees a final product that truly reflects your individual journey into parenthood. This level of expertise means that you can trust your photographer to capture professional and stunning portraits of this special time in your life.


Q: Why should I hire a full service photographer for my maternity portraits?

A: A full service photographer offers a luxury portrait experience that includes not just photography but also hair and makeup services, wardrobe, editing, printing, and framing services. A full service photographer will have plenty of formal training to ensure that the lighting and posing used during your maternity session flatter you and your bump perfectly. All of this ensures that you get a high-quality, stunning images and portraits that you will proudly display in your home.


Q: What makes a full service photographer different from other photographers?

A: Full service photographers have a deep understanding of the entire process, from planning your session, expert lighting and posing during your session to editing, printing and displaying your gorgeous final images. We take care of all the details so you can focus on being pampered, enjoying your experience and not worrying about a thing.


Q: Can I request specific poses, looks or gowns for my maternity photos?

A: Absolutely! A full service photographer will work with you to ensure that your dream vision for your maternity portraits becomes a reality. They will listen to your ideas and provide expert advice to create the perfect setting for your images.


Q: How early should I book my maternity photography session?

A: It’s best to book your maternity photography session as early as possible, ideally around 20-25 weeks into your pregnancy. The session should ideally take place in the 28-34 week range. This gives us plenty of time to plan and ensures that you’ll have your products in hand before your baby arrives.


Q: How can I find the best full service maternity photographer?

A: Look for a photographer who specializes in maternity photography and has a portfolio that showcases their skills, and who’s style of portraits resonates with you. Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of their level of expertise and professionalism.


Q: How long does a maternity photography session typically last?

A: A typical maternity photography session with us lasts anywhere from 3-4 hours including hair and makeup, depending on how many gowns/look you choose.
We only schedule one session per day, so we have the luxury and availability to take our time to be sure we have captured all of the images we hoped for!


Q: Can my husband/spouse/partner and other children join me in the maternity photography session?

A: Yes, absolutely!
This is included in all of our sessions at our studio, and there is no additional charge to include your favorite people in your session with you!
In fact, we definitely encourage at least your significant other to be included!


Q: What should I wear for my maternity photography session?

A: Your photographer can provide more specific guidance based on your style and preferences.
We provide our clients will an extensive couture wardrobe, sourced from the most popular maternity vendors from around the world.
Some of our studio and client favorites are KH Fashion, Miss Madison, Before and Ever, and Mii Estillo


Q: How long does it take to receive my finished maternity photos?

A: This can vary depending on the photographer and package you choose, but most full-service photographers will provide you with a fully edited and printed product within 2-4 weeks of your session.
Our clients typically have their digital image galleries within a few days of placing their order, and printed products within 2-3 weeks.
(please note, lab times may vary!)


Q: How can I display my maternity photos in my home?

A: A full service photographer will provide a variety of display options, including albums, acrylic prints, and canvas gallery wraps. They can also offer guidance on the best placement for your photos to ensure they look their best in your home.
We have special software that allows us to show our clients exactly what YOUR images will look like on YOUR walls! Instructions are provided to all of our clients for this option!


Hiring a full service photographer for your maternity experience is an investment that will be cherished for a lifetime. Through the expertise of a master maternity photographer, you will commemorate this unique and beautiful chapter in your life, showcasing the miracle of new life with artistic and timeless images. By hiring a professional, you can rest assured knowing that your memories will be impeccably captured, allowing you to focus on the excitement of welcoming your little one into the world.

A full service photographer provides more than just stunning photographs; we offer a comprehensive and personalized experience that caters to your individual needs and preferences. From pre-session consultations to wardrobe guidance, and even professional styling and makeup services, a master maternity photographer ensures that every aspect of your photoshoot is taken care of, resulting in an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Moreover, these photographers are skilled in various techniques and styles, allowing you to truly customize your maternity images and create a one-of-a-kind visual narrative of your pregnancy journey.

Lastly, by entrusting an experienced full service photographer with capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments, you can guarantee that your images will be of the highest quality; worthy of sharing with friends, family, and your sweet baby. Full service photographers have the skills, equipment, and artistic vision necessary to create breathtaking and meaningful images that will stand the test of time. As the years pass, your photographs from a professional maternity session will serve as a beautiful reminder of the love, joy, and anticipation experienced during this special time in your family’s life.

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