Mean One Cake Smash | Jeovanni

Mean One Cake Smash

Jeovanni’s Grinch Inspired Cake Smash!

When it comes to celebrating a child’s first birthday, every parent strives to make it a magical and memorable occasion.
For Jeovanni’s milestone celebration, the theme was set – a Grinch-inspired Mean One cake smash session that added a touch of mischief and joy to the festivities.


I mean, who doesn’t love the Grinch, am I right?!!
I love the Grinch. My whole family loves the Grinch. My daughter and I regularly quote the movie.
(“Ooh, Ahh, Mmm… that’s it, Im not going!”)
My (late) mother was such a H U G E Grinch fan that she actually got a Grinch tattoo. In her 50’s!
(She would have LOVED this cake smash!)
So, needless to say, this one was super fun for me to design and bring to life!

The Mean One cake smash took place on a vibrant Whoville-inspired set..
Jeovanni, the star of the show, was dressed in an adorable Christmas outfit, and then delightful furry green Grinch onesie!
The centerpiece of the celebration was a custom-made Grinch-inspired cake decorated by Diana of Lady Di’s Cake House

The room is filled with laughter and cheers as sweet Jeovanni discovers the joy of smashing a cake for the first time.
He wasn’t FULLY a fan of the cake, so we did have to resort to our secret tactics of hiding his favorite treats in the cake.

The Grinch-inspired Mean One cake smash session creates a playful and light-hearted atmosphere, making for stunning photographs and heartwarming memories.
The combination of festive decorations, a custom cake, and the sheer joy on the birthday baby’s face make this celebration a truly memorable experience.

If you are ready to bring your favorite theme idea to life with a fun cake smash for your little birthday boy or girl, we are looking forward to hearing from you!