Best Newborn Photographer in Atlanta

Best Newborn Photographer in Atlanta

We are excited to share sweet Brielle’s newborn session, captured by the best newborn photographer in Atlanta – Lynn Puzzo.
Styled in hues of pink, purple, and yellow, Brielle was an absolute doll with her gorgeous curls and chubby cheeks!
Despite being a little older in the newborn photography world at 5 weeks old, Brielle was a rock star and stole our hearts from the moment she arrived.

At the beginning of the session, Brielle was wide awake, taking in her surroundings with curious eyes.
However, with gentle lulling and soothing techniques, we were able to coax her into a peaceful slumber, allowing us to capture a wonderful mix of awake and sleepy shots.
Despite her alertness, we were able to work our magic and create timeless, sleepy images and some adorable wide eyed shots that showcase her natural beauty and innocence.

Her session was curated using props from some of our top vendors including Hello Little, Golden Stitch, Pinkytinks, and May + Mill, we adorned Brielle with delicate accessories and set designs that complemented her sweet disposition.
Each shot was carefully crafted to highlight her precious charm, resulting in a collection of adorable images that will be treasured for years to come.

Brielle holds a special place in our hearts as the second grandchild in the family we’ve had the honor of photographing.
Four years ago, we had the pleasure of capturing her cousin Zion’s newborn moments at 10 weeks old. Having the opportunity to continue documenting this family’s milestones is truly a privilege.
It speaks volumes when clients entrust us with their precious memories time and time again, and we are grateful for the trust they place in us.

When it comes to newborn photography, safety is our utmost priority.
We take great care in posing and handling newborns to ensure their comfort and well-being throughout the session.
From using supportive props to maintaining a controlled environment, every precaution is taken to safeguard the precious little ones in our care.

One of the most precious moments of Brielle’s session was capturing her first family photos with her parents.
These images serve as a timeless reminder of the love and bond shared between parents and their new baby. It’s a privilege to witness and document these intimate moments, knowing that they will be cherished for generations to come.

In essence, Brielle’s newborn session was a celebration of love, family, and new beginnings. As the best newborn photographer in Atlanta, it’s our honor and joy to preserve these precious memories for families to cherish for a lifetime.

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