Tiana Cake Smash

Tiana Cake Smash

In the heart of Atlanta, amidst the charm of southern hospitality, a little princess named DaLiah took center stage to celebrate her very first birthday in true Louisiana style – a beautiful Tiana Cake Smash.
With her infectious giggles and twinkling eyes, she brought to life the magic of Tiana, the beloved princess from the bayou.

Our cake smash session with DaLiah was so beautiful – and much fun!
We started with a beautiful custom designed cake from Lady Di’s Cake House, and adorable Tiana dress from Bleu Bird Designs and of course a matching crown from our favorite, Love Crush Crowns!
Our beautiful Princess and the Frog inspired backdrop is from Fancy Fabric and Props.

As DaLiah embraced her starring role as a mini Tiana, Lynn skillfully captured every precious moment, showcasing the artistry that sets our cake smash photography apart from our competetors.
Against a backdrop reminiscent of the lush Louisiana landscape, DaLiah’s Tiana-themed setup came to life, complete with delicate lily pads, beautiful florals, charming little frogs, and of course, a magnificent cake fit for a little princess!

As she dove into her cake, her laughter echoed through the air, filling the room with pure delight.

From the initial sweet nibble to the very last crumb, DaLiah’s cake smash session epitomized the exuberance of childhood and the enchantment of imagination.
It wasn’t merely a milestone celebration but a heartfelt tribute to love, family, and the boundless horizons awaiting her journey ahead.

So, if you’re ready to capture the magic of your little one’s first birthday in Atlanta, look no further than our cake smash sessions.
Let us sprinkle a touch of enchantment into your memories, just like we did for DaLiah. Contact us today to book your own unforgettable experience!