Rainbow Baby Sessions

Rainbow Baby Sessions: A Glimmer of Hope Amidst Pregnancy and Infant Loss

We are thrilled to reintroduce our initiative aimed at celebrating the journey of rainbow babies and their families.
A couple years ago, we began hosting once-monthly giveaways for our special Rainbow Baby Sessions!
These sessions are a heartfelt opportunity to capture the beauty and resilience of families who have welcomed a rainbow baby into their lives after experiencing a devastating loss.
We understand the importance of commemorating these precious moments, and we are honored to offer this opportunity to our community.
Read below for more details on how to participate and win a complimentary Rainbow Baby Session. Let’s celebrate the light and hope that rainbow babies bring into the world together!

Rainbow Baby Sessions

Pregnancy and infant loss are topics that evoke profound emotions and challenges.
For those who have experienced such loss, the journey can be incredibly difficult, marked by grief, heartache, and a sense of overwhelming emptiness.
However, amidst the darkness, there is a concept that brings a glimmer of hope – rainbow babies.

Rainbow Baby Sessions

A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.
The rainbow symbolizes hope and light after a storm, representing the beauty that can emerge even after the darkest of times.
For parents who have experienced the devastation of losing a child, the arrival of a rainbow baby can be a symbol of healing, renewal, and the beginning of a new chapter.

Rainbow Baby Sessions

The journey to welcoming a rainbow baby is often filled with a myriad of emotions.
There may be fear and anxiety, as parents navigate through the complexities of pregnancy following loss.
Every milestone, from the first heartbeat to the kicks and movements felt in the womb, may be tinged with both joy and apprehension.
Yet, despite the challenges, there is a sense of resilience and determination to hold onto hope.

Over the last few years since implementing our Rainbow Baby Program, we have been honored to photographed dozens of sweet rainbow babies.

As a luxury newborn photographer and a proud rainbow baby mama myself, there’s an indescribable joy and fulfillment that comes with capturing these special moments for my clients.
Having experienced the journey of welcoming two rainbow babies into my own life, I understand the depth of emotion, resilience, and hope that accompanies such a journey.
It’s an honor to witness the love and bond between parents and their rainbow babies, and to freeze those precious moments in time through my lens.
Each session is not just about taking photographs; it’s about creating a tangible reminder of the strength, beauty, and sheer miracle of life.
Being able to provide families with images that they will cherish for a lifetime is a privilege that I hold dear, and I approach each session with the same care, compassion, and attention to detail that I would want for my own family.
Through my work, I strive to celebrate the light that rainbow babies bring into the world and to capture the essence of hope, resilience, and unconditional love that defines their journey.

At our studio, we believe in the power of capturing and celebrating the beautiful journey of rainbow babies and their families.
That’s why we’re thrilled to re-announce our complimentary Rainbow Baby Sessions, where one session is gifted to a new family each month.
These sessions are more than just photographs; they’re a heartfelt tribute to the strength, resilience, and love that define the journey of welcoming a rainbow baby after experiencing loss.
Our goal is to provide families with a cherished opportunity to capture precious moments and create lasting memories that honor the journey they’ve been through.
Through these sessions, we hope to spread joy, positivity, and hope to families in our community as they embrace the light that rainbow babies bring into their lives.

I started doing a monthly “drawing” back in March 2020 for one special Rainbow Baby session giveaway.
Each month, I gift a rainbow baby session to a randomly chosen applicant.

These are mini newborn sessions for baby only and include 4 digital images.
The theme of the session will be rainbows – but parents have the option to choose their favorite complimenting colors as well.
The chosen family will always have the option of upgrading to a full session (to include parent/family images and/or additional time/images taken) and to purchase additional images and/or products.
However, it is important to note there is absolutely no obligation (ever) to purchase anything to participate in our Rainbow Baby Sessions giveaway.
(Note : All sessions will be photographed in my Fayetteville, Georgia studio by appointment only when the baby is between 8 and 21 days old.)

How to enter :

Head on over to our session sign up page, and choose the RAINBOW BABY SESSIONS option
Fill out the short contact form. The application is automatically sent to you!

The winner is randomly selected each month and notified via text and/or email.
If you aren’t selected, I hope you will reach out to us to discuss how we can design a custom rainbow baby session to capture your precious baby’s first portraits.